VCG is taking you from A to Z

Driving the process

THE ONLY TEAM THAT HAS IN HOUSE ALL THE NECESSARY SUPPORTING EXPERTISE! (accounting, local ratings, regulators, appraisers, legal, underwriting, investor relations, etc.)


Create tailor-made solutions for each issuer that match issuer and investors needs

Understanding of the ratings agencies allows quick and efficient feedback


Relationships with Israeli Institutional investors and years of successful sales, aid strong performance of issuance

Ongoing care

Your Israeli based consulting team

Maintain and improve rating over time (best proven track record)

Experienced and skilled staff of over 30 people including CPAs and analysts allows us to provide ongoing services after the issuance including accounting, reporting and all other aspects

The Advisory Service Cycle

Victory aims to provide the best possible ratings, real time problem solving, strong follow-on issuances and successful raises

Victory’s Advisory Service Advantages


Bond Issuance Timeline

Management Attention Required During Process